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High-performance polyethylene (HPPE) is a lightweight and strong synthetic fiber that is resistant to chemicals, UV light and other natural conditions. It has the highest tensile strength to mass ratio of any fiber available and is 15 times stronger than steel. Compared to para-aramid fibers, HPPE has greater durability and resistance to abrasive forces.

Different protection classes for different threats

  • The SK1 Plus structure with special protection test has a structure thickness of 4.5 mm. Thus, the German protection class SK1 Plus offers protection against projectiles with bullet velocities of up to 560 m/s.
SK1 Plus special protection test
  • 4.5mm thin ballistics – optionally with chain mesh (certified stab protection)
  • 9mm full metal jacket DM41 up to 560m/s (DM – Deutsche Modellbezeichung; German model designation)
  • 7,62×25 Tokarev up to 563m/s – 5m distance
  • 7,62×25 Tokarev up to 450m/s – contact shot
  • 9×18 Makarov FE core up to 360m/s
  • 357 softpoint up to 430m/s, caliber 44 up to 436m/s, caliber 40, caliber 38 special, 9mm Luger
SK1 VPAM2 – optionally with chain mesh (certified stab protection)
  • 2,5mm thin ballistics
  • 9mm full metal jacket DM41
  • 22 (small bore)
In the full metal jacket bullet, the entire lead core including the bullet head – “the tip” – is surrounded by the jacket. Therefore, full metal jacket bullets have high penetrating power but do not expand on impact.
  • Standardized pockets on chest and back for the certified bullet resistant patches / inserts
  • Protects against or impedes open bite wounds by animals and humans due to the highly robust features of the fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant, extremely tear-resistant, yet still breathable
  • Impedes cutting injuries caused by sharp objects in the event of accidents or knife attacks
  • Puncture resistance approx. 800N
  • Very light + flexible (similar to cotton fabric)
  • Pleasantly cooling and 100% scratch-free wearing
  • Protects against and impedes the penetration of blunt or dangerous everyday objects, which can be used for stabbing
  • To protect the wrists, sleeves are 10% longer
  • Abrasion-resistant, extremely tear resistant, yet still breathable

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